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Adnan Aswad, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus of Engineering
The University of Michigan-Dearborn
Abdul-Rahman Kublan, M.D.
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Qingjie ‘Bob' Zeng , Mel Boynton, and Adriana Erika Gonzalez
Welcome to Our Pomona College Interns

For eight years, your Pomona Valley UNA-USA chapter has worked with the Pomona College Internship Program (PCIP) to place Pomona students into meaningful work for human rights, peace, and international understanding. Many of you know the excellent work these interns do to make our events more meaningful to our college community and to bring a youth perspective to our chapter. Our Vice-President Katie Gerecke initiated the partnership with PCIP and we have all benefitted.

Mel Boynton
Pomona Valley UNA-USA

Fall 2016 Intern Adriana Erika Gonzalez

My name is Adriana Erica Gonzalez and I am a junior at Pomona College majoring in Public Policy Analysis, concentrating in Sociology. I am also studying Latin American history. 

I hail from Waukegan, a small city in the north-eastern nook of Illinois that resides on the shore of Lake Michigan.  I identify as a Xicana and my experiences from home in conjunction to my studies prompted me to reflect and intellectually evaluate the patterns of my own life in a local and global context. Growing up, I knew that Waukegan existed as my home in the United States and that homes in México existed for different parts of my family also. It was evident in the way we would juggle English and Spanish about our house and the ways in which my taste buds sought out posole and nopalitos as equally as pizza and fries. Almost every other year before high school, I would travel with my maternal grandparents to Monterrey, Nuevo León where they created their own lives before immigrating north. An industrial center and a hub of development, Monterrey was my window to both the potential and struggles of my ancestral homeland. As both a native and a foreigner looking through this window, I wanted to explore the ways I could contribute to the dissolution of the systems that plague Latino America and the world at large.

My life experiences and books written by scholars of color, people who shared my life's patterns, sparked my interest in internationalist thought and human rights. As an advocate for many issues that range from environmental sustainability to immigration to women's rights to the end to racial discrimination, I found myself drawn to the spirit of the United Nations as an international body and its philosophy. I believe that in order to further our progress, we must be self-conscious and critical of the ways our institutions (including the United Nations) can contribute to oppressive social, political, and economic systems. I am excited to dive into this complex conversation with the UN-USA chapter here to raise awareness and our self-awareness.

Adriana Erika Gonzalez

Fall 2016 Intern Qingjie ‘Bob' Zeng

Hello! My name is Bob Zeng. I am currently a junior at Pomona College majoring in International Relations and potentially minoring in Economics and Spanish.

I hail from Foshan, China (hometown of Bruce Lee!) and embarked on my study abroad journey in the U.S. five years ago. I am a native speaker of Cantonese and Mandarin, and I started learning Spanish in college. I am particularly passionate about the regions of Latin America and East Asia. I am interested in learning about the cultural and economic ties between the two regions as well as Chinese immigrants' settlements in Latin America. This past summer, I interned at the UNAIDS Regional Office for Latin America in Panama City for two months. My work was in the Community Mobilization and Networking sector and entailed researching AIDS epidemic de-stigmatization, preparing briefing books for the UNAIDS High-Level Meeting, and documenting our good will ambassador's visit to government ministries and local AIDS shelters. In addition, I participated in the UNA Leadership Summit this summer and had the opportunity to advocate for the UN agenda at Congress. These experiences have provided me insights into the importance of UN's work and inspired me to contribute to the meaningful cause of making the world a better place.

On campus, I work as a program assistant at the Office of International Initiatives, a Language Partner at the Foreign Language Resource Center, and a student driver/event support at the International Place. I am also a member of the Ballroom Dance Company and enjoy doing photography in my free time. I look forward to a fulfilling semester interning at UNA and learning alongside everyone!  

Qingjie ‘Bob' Zeng

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